Interview with Andrew Hargie the owner of Arrow Roofing Brighton

In this blog post we talk to and get to know Andrew, the owner of Arrow Roofing.
Tell us a little about your background and how you got started.
When leaving school and being apprehensive on what career route I was going to take, I was offered and took a 5 year apprenticeship with a large roofing company, followed by learning lead works and other various aspects of the roofing trade. Then in 1995 decided to start this company Arrow Roofing.
What do you enjoy most about your trade?
I guess that would be the variations of projects from small to large, using different types of materials and working with different clients on a daily basis, also working outdoors during the summer months.
What advice would you give someone looking to get started in your trade?
I would definitely recommend to start off with a large roofing company and be willing to learn all aspects of the roofing trade and be prepared to work hard.
The world is moving more towards digital-tell us about your online presence before working with Stacked Digital.
Yes we have always tried to have a presence online and have always tried to be involved with partnering companies like our FMB/Checkatrade/Best rated roofers and social media sites.
What challenges have you faced trying to enhance your online visibility?
The constant updating of material etc and the ever changing events.


What things were important to you with your redesigned website?
The most important thing to Arrow Roofing was to design a website that could easily be navigated by customers, showing projects/accreditations and showing that we are a small family run business.


How has the pandemic affected your business?
The pandemic has raised a lot of difficulties in regards to health and safety for us and all of our customers also in regards to sourcing certain materials due to long lead times.


How have you overcome some of the challenges of working through the lockdown?
By working closely with partnering companies like FMB and Checkatrade guidelines in regards to the safety of us and our customers, also being mindful to peoples needs and fears regarding Covid.


What is your favourite roofing tool and why?
This is a tough one as we take care and are proud of all of our tools old and new, I guess it would have to be our cordless tools as this gives us the freedom to navigate around a roof, also no cables/leads to trip over and get in the way.
What exciting plans have you got for Arrow roofing this year?
For the coming year would be firstly to continue to providing a first class service to all of our customers, whatever the scope of the works are small or large. Embarking on new projects, using new materials and working closely with the general public.

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